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Here I will list just about every Rookguard quest you should do.

Rookguard Quests

These are all the quests I highly recommend to do in Rookguard, and at what level you should do them at.

Copper Shield quest : Do this quest at level 2. Once you reach level 2, buy a scythe and a shovel. Make sure you don't have anything valuable with you ethier because you may loose it. To do this quest go across the bridge and southeast until you find the bear hole. Go down and run south past the bears and to the right to a little room with a hole and water. (Torch would be helpful) Go to the hole and quickly shovel it and run down. Now you will be safe. To the right use your scythe to cut down all the weeds in your way (may already be cut down) Make sure you bring a little food or something with you to because you need full hp's. When you have full hp's, as fast as you can run through all the fire (crosswalking through some if possible to avoid more damage) and keep running past them until you reach a dead dragon. Quickly open the dragon and get the bag before your hp's run out. Quickly open the bag and equip the copper shield and legion helmet. Now just wait until you die. Once you die you will respawn in the temple, loosing barely and EXP points and hopefully you won't loose your copper shield or legion helmet.

Chain Armor Quest : Go to the minotaur cave (I tell where it is in starting off link). Go to the right and go down the ladder. Follow the paths to all the ladders until you reach a little room (may be minotaurs). Run past any creatures if there is any, and run to the door to the right and up. Go in and close the door and quickly open all the chests and right click the vent in the upper-left corner. Now your save and done, just run back to town. (If the door isn't open and it's locked, you'll need to buy a copper key from someone).

Studded Legs Quest : Go the the wasp tower west from the bridge. (Make sure you have a rope) Run up the holes with your rope to the top and get the honey flower by right clicking it to the right. Then run back down and turn it in to Lee'Delle across the premium account bridge. (If you don't have a premium account, find someone who does to turn it in for you).

If your looking how to do any Maine quests, just visit where you can download a quest log to see how to do almost every quest in the game!

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