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World of Tibia

Starting Off
Starting Off
Hunting Areas
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Are you just starting off in Tibia? Read this page for great pointers on how to get started, up and going.


Your first time playing?

When you first start out in Tibia, if you don't know already, you start in a temple in an island called Rookguard. Rookguard is almost like a little tutorial that every new character will start out in. Here is your place to get used to Tibia and start having fun.

What you can do is in the central spot of the town, you will see a vent. If you right click it you will go down into a big rat cave. Here is the best spot to get some quick gold, and especially level 2. One awsome tip for the rat cave is that you may pick up the rats you kill and sell them in the academy to Seymour, for 2 gold each. This is a great way to make some quick money to buy some decent starting equipment from Obi's shop in town.

The best equipment to buy for Rookguard would be things like a mace, chain armor, studded legs, copper shield, legion helmet, leather boots, etc.. None of these things you can buy from the store, but you can buy them from people. You will find out that since these are some of the best items for Rookguard, they are expensive. For this reason, you should do quests in Rookguard for great starting equipment.

Once you have this equipment, you can easily go hunt and get level 8. Once you get level 8, you can go to the oracle on the second floor of the academy,and you can be sent to Maine ethier as a paladin, knight, druid, or sorcerer. It's completely your choice of what to be, and where to start off. Basically once you go to Maine, you are out of the "tutorial" and into real Tibia where can explore tons of more places and creatures, and you will see how fun Tibia can be.

If your wondering how do get your Rookguard equipment we suggested from the quests, just go to our quest link to see how to do several of these quests. This link will also tell you amny of the great quests to do in Maine. Check other of our helpful links about great equipment for vocations in Maine.

How can I get level 8 easily?

To get level 8 as quickly as possible in Rookguard, first you need to get level 2 in the rat cave as I explained before. One think I havn't put in yet thought is that when you reach level 2, you may cross the bridge that's north of the temple. Here you are finally out of town, and into the wilderness to get your levels and have fun. Good spots to hunt out here for level 8 would be southeast of the bridge at bugs, bears, wolves, etc. Or you could hunt across the mountain straight up from the bridge. On this side of the wilderness, you can go north into wolves, trolls, spiders, and more. If you go west be careful. You should only be over here at about level 6-7. Here you will find things like wasps, bears, orcs, orc spearmans, and more. Mostly all of those are decently hard especially orc spearmans. One of the best spots over on this side though would be south to the swamps. Here you can fight snakes and trolls which are great to get about level 6. If you want to have a little fun, you can hunt minotaurs, or at mino hell. To get there, go north from the bridge until you see a little broken down building and some stairs. Go down the stairs and go east and down the holes until you reach orcs or minotaurs, or lots of things. Here is one great quest also for Rookguard. The chain armor quest. I'll explain that quests more on our quest link.

Go to this link to see how to do the quests I suggested.

Visit to see a list of every creature.