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World of Tibia

Hunting Areas
Starting Off
Hunting Areas
Tibia World Map

Where can I hunt in Maine or Rookguard?

Don't know where to hunt at what level? Well here is a helpful list of what to hunt at different level ranges.

Level 1-8 - Anything you can find!

Level 8-12 - Ab'dendriel troll caves is great for low levels.

Level 12-30 - Rotworms, larvas, very helpful if you have a premium account.

Level 30-60 - You can hunt lots of things around this level. Some good things though would be dragons, mintwallan, necromancers, heros, anything it's your choice.

60+ - At this level or higher pretty much anything. Good things to hunt at 60+ though would be demons, behemoths, heros, etc.

Where can I find these creatures?

Here is a list of the creatures I suggested to hunt and where their main location is.

Rotworms - Darashia, Edron, Venore swamps

Larvas - Ankrahmun

Dragons - Edron, Venore, Ab'dendriel

Necromancers - Darashia

Demons - Edron

Heros - Edron

Trolls - Ab'dendriel, Carlin, Thais

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