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World of Tibia

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What's good to hunt or good equipment to have on different vocations?

Good Equipment Sets

Sorcerer : A good set to save up for on sorcerers would be a skull staff or bright sword (your choice of being club or mace). A demon shield, crusader helmet, crown legs, and boots of haste. Thats a good set for sorcerers at almost any level but once you get an even higher level you can consider things like a golden armor or etc.. Really high levels can buy things like a mastermind shield, a magic plate armor, golden legs etc... it's mostly all your choice!

Druid : Don't need to write anything because they should have exactly the same equipment as a sorcerer (Read above).

Knight and Paladin Equipment

Knight : A good set to have on a knight would be giant sword or bright sword. (Depending on two handed or not...) A good shield would be a vampire shield. Crusader helmet, boots of haste, crown armor, crown legs. As you get a high level, other good things to consider saving up for would be a golden armor, magic plate armor, golden legs, mastermind shield, etc...

Paladin : A good set for paladins is obviously a crossbow with bolts, a crown set, boots of haste (highly recommended) and a crusader helmet. This is a nice set for paladins at any level, but truthfully since paladins never need to block but stand back and shoot, some paladins perfer very cheap equipment such as a plate set or crown helmet.

Extra : All classes should get a platinum amulet if they perfer wearing a type of neck.

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