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What's the benefits of houses and how can I get one?

How can I get a house?

To get a house first of all, you need a premium account. If you have a premium account, you want a house and don't know how, read this. To get a house of your own go to, go to community, houses. Then at the bottom of your screen select what world the character you want to buy the house on is in. Then select what location you want your house to be in. Now when you click submit you will see a list of houses you may buy. Any house that says rented you may not buy because someonebody already owns it, but every one with a bid on it is available. To buy a house you need to bid on it, starting with a 7 day long auction. To bid on a house simply click view next to the house you want, login, type in what character you want the house to belong to, and type in the amount of money you want to bid. Most of the time there is already a bid on the house so you have to make sure you have enough to buy it. Once you bid on the house it may say the other bidder is higher which means you have to keep bidding more. If it says you are now holding the highest bid, then just what it says, you are holding the highest bid! Now you need to wait however long of the 7 days is left to go. You should check the house occasionaly also to make sure you are still winning the bid. Hopefully you win it and when the auction is up, you own a house.

What are the benefits of a house?

1.) You can sleep in a bed (if the house has any) When you sleep in a bed you logout your character and you slowly gain mana and hp's even though your logged out.

2.) You may but a chest for you and put all your items in it.

3.) You can even decorate it with furniture you may buy from a furniture shop. Or you can use your own equipment or items to decorate your house with. It's all up to you.

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