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World of Tibia

Starting Off
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What are guilds?

Tibia guilds are a group of people who the leader will choose to invite. If you want to join a guild, simply ask the leader of the guild you want to join if you may be allowed to be a member in their guild. If you want to be a vice leader or a leader, you need to have a premium account. But free account may be members. All guilds have ranks. Some choose to name their ranks simply things like leder, member, and vice-leader. But some like to relate their ranks to the name of their guild. For example, say a guild was named "The Golden Gladiators". The leader may name the ranks Nobles, Warriors, Fighters, etc.. Guilds are a bunch of fun and you should consider joining one.

What are some benefits of a guild?

One of the best benefits of a guild is that they may own guildhalls. Guildhalls are giant houses with several beds for the whole guild to live in. What mostly every guild does if you pay to be in the guildhall, you may rent a room in the house. The best part of this is that if your not a premium account you can't buy a house. But even though your not a premium account you can still rent a house in a guildhall. So if you don't have a premium account and you want a house, just join a guild with a guildhall and see if your leader will let you rent a room. Other things people can do with a guild is make their own guild forums. When you go to the regular Tibia forums and login, if you go all the way to the bottom you will see your guilds forums (if the leader made it). Here you can feel free to post or make your own threads about ideas or any topics about the guild. Some guilds also do things themsleves like hold guild meetings. Some plan guild hunts and part of the guild will go on a hunt. Guilds are over-all a lot of fun and you should defidently consider joining one sometime.

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